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This Workshop Will Help Your Business Boom This Holiday Season!!!

I have kind of big news today!  OK REALLY BIG NEWS TODAY!

I am going to offer my first MENTORING WORKSHOP
 It will be LIVE, INTERACTIVE, and designed to MAKE YOU MONEY!

So who’s ready to hear what this workshop is all about?

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Get Ready For A Successful Holiday Selling Season!

holiday ebook

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The Greatest Gift for your Wholesalers!

I remember my very first wholesale client was in Japan and she found me on Etsy.  I was shocked when she wanted 15 of my faux fur ponchos, followed by another 20. Soon a new Japanese client picked me up and before I knew it a US client.  I really enjoyed building these relationships
and I still look forward to my online chats with Miki from Japan and Amber from The Funky Zebra Boutique.  As I expanded my business I picked up showroom reps in the West and Mid West to sell my line.

I have to be honest that since I have showroom reps selling my line I feel a bit removed from my wholesale clients.  My showroom reps Jody from Smallshop in LA’s California Market Center, Kids on 6th and Erica from Mini Mama Sooze Maternity in the Chicago Apparel Mart do an amazing job bring my line to the wholesale market.  They showcase my line, take it to seasonal apparel shows and market it to their client bases.  But as such, they have more of a relationship with my wholesale clients than I do.  Sadly, I really only get to talk to my clients when I have orders ready to ship and need payment info.

So this holiday season I will be reaching out with holiday cards designed by A Blissful Nest.  But I will also be reaching out with a condensed line sheet of quick holiday restock items.  It’s been a rough year financially for a lot of people.  And stores have been a bit more conservative on ordering so that they don’t get stuck with merchandise at the end of the year.  However I know many of them will find that they are selling out of low to mid priced gifting type items.  So I am putting together a list of a few items that I can ship quickly and that they can sell quickly for the holiday rush. Like my socks in gift sets.  This is my way of saying I understand your business and I am flexible to help you be successful.

Take some time this holiday season to look at business from your client’s perspective.  Offer something that will help them be more successful.  It’s the greatest gift you can give!


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