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Get Ready For A Successful Holiday Selling Season!

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ISSUE 2 IS LIVE! TFBM Magazine Winter 2013

ISSUE 2 IS LIVE!  TFBM Magazine Winter 2013

I am so proud of this issue and the amazing independent designers, photographers and stylists and models that made it all possible! Come check out issue 2 for free online! And order your own print copy!

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November 20, 2013 · 6:22 pm

Designer Call Out: Beauty of Movement

I am very excited to share this opportunity with my followers!   Kimberly Hicks photography is starting a beauty of movement photography series.  In this series she is capturing the beauty of movement using dancers and fashion.  She has photographed two sessions so far and you can see them on her blog but here is a peek.
Skirts by Amanda Rose Studios
DESIGNER CALL OUT:  Kimberly is looking to work with designers to create long and short dresses that capture the beauty of the dancer as well as the clothing.  She wants to use spring and summer colors. They can be patterned or solid.  Her next model is a 12 year old girl.  Other models will be casted based on designer sign ups, women, teens and children can be casted.
This will be a trade for photos project.  Here is from Kimberly’s own mouth what she will provide in return:  I will give credit to the designer in every image that I post on Facebook and I will write about his/her loveliness on my blog as well. The designer will have access to the entire gallery and will be able to download all of them images. I will include both action and still shots so that the designer will have images that are not only the dancer jumping but also product photos that can be used to sell items in a shop.
If you are interested in designing or sending clothing for this project please email Kimberly at kimberlyhicksphotography@yahoo.com.
My name is Kimberly Hicks from Kimberly Hicks Photography. I’ve been in the photography business for about 2 years now. I specialize in general portraits, seniors, engagements, bridals, and weddings. I have been taking pictures for about 4 years now and have fallen in love with creating art. It has been my creative outlet and my passion. I’m located in Fayetteville, Arkansas and do portraits all throughout the state of Arkansas.

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5 Strategies for Building an Awesome Collection

The last weeks have been a blur of blur of panicked moments, extreme highs and lots of work.  But here I am peeking my head out of my hole to give you the info about building a collection that I promised on Facebook.  I do that to myself on purpose.  If I tell you I am going to write about it I have no choice but to sit down and do it!  I am a sucker for accountability.

So those of you following my journey know I lost both my LA and Chicago sales reps last month and took on a new rep that has showrooms in LA and Dallas (and Atlanta soon!).  It was devastating news with a fabulous outcome.  In 3 weeks my new rep has written more orders than my old ones did in 6 months.  AMAZING!!!  It was truly meant to be.

Not only is my new rep rocking the sales but she has given me some great insight on how to better build my collection.  I have combined her tips with things I have learned along the way.  This info works for online retail sales and for selling to stores.  Here’s my list of 5 strategies for building an awesome collection:

1.  Don’t confuse color options with collection.  If you make 3 dresses and offer them all in 3 colors.  This is not a collection.  This is 3 dresses.  You need to offer other pieces like tops, bottoms, accessories….

2.  Design for siblings.  You want your shopper to buy more than one item.  You can do this by meeting more of their needs.  Do you offer a cute dress?  Why not do a baby version of it with bloomers and a more sophisticated version for an older girl?  Mom’s love outfits that match but are also age appropriate.  Plus you also get more use out of your fabric.

3.  Define how to wear it.  I love separates and making my own outfits.  But I have learned most people are not this way.  You have to show them which tops go with which skirts and which leggings go with which dress.  Make shopping easy on them and they will buy more.

4.  Just enough options.  Buyers want to feel they are getting something special so try to offer styles in a couple colors and perhaps different embellishment options.  Give options that are not too difficult for you to produce but allow your customer to customize a bit.

5.  Offer different price points.  You should try to offer items that are  in a range.  Instead of all your pieces being $50 dresses try offering some $25 separates and some $50 dresses and some $75 pieces.  Add in some $10 accessories and you have a collection that can be shopped by a broader audience.


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Part 1: That was my idea!

This is part 1 in a short series of posts I am calling: But Mom!  They won’t stop copying me!

Copying is one of those elephant in the room issues that we all brood about but seldom have open discussion about.  I encourage you as you read this series to interact.  Speak up, give me your opinion on the topic.  This is how issues get resolved and ethics get set.

Part 1: That was my idea!

“You thought of it first right?  Why can’t people just come up with their own ideas?  I worked so hard on this!”  We’ve all been there-and if not lucky you!  Someone took your idea and is now trying to make money off of it.  Even worse they are saying it was their idea nd now it’s your word against theirs!  You are outraged and not sure what to do.  You don’t want to bring attention to them so you can’t say anything but you don’t want to lose business either.  Later in the series I will post about how to protect yourself when another fashion related business does copy you but first lets talk about who’s idea it really was.  I am going to tell you my story but first a side story.

I am a mom so I apologise in advance for using a cartoon reference but I believe when Marlise, my daughter, received Strawberry Shortcake’s Glimmerberry movie for Christmas it was really meant for me.  The story line is all about when people copy you.  But it has a twist.  I’ll make it brief.  All of Strawberry’s friends are excited to enter the glimmerberry carving contest.  They are all given instructions and challenged to make their own carving design that will later be judged for a prize.  They are all very careful not to let others see their designs but Lemon walks in on Blueberry when she is sketching.  Blueberry is upset and orders her out.  Later Blueberry sees Lemon’s design and it’s just like hers!  She is outraged and accuses her of copying.  Lemon then says it was her own original idea nd maybe Blueberry was copying.  Later at the judging all the girls get together for the big reveal and they ALL have the same design!  Lots more finger pointing happens until the contest leader reveals the instruction page with the very design they all had on their berries.  “You all must have seen it briefly when I read you the contest rules and not remembered.  But it was such nice design you all created it.”

We all pull from the same inspiration from the most part-even without realizing it.  We are visual creatures and ou minds are designed to take “pictures”of what we see.  TV, Magazines, Internet, People On the Street-our mind is always taking pictures.  Our minds are also designed to “throw out” details that seem unimportant (I watch a lot of PBS).  So we may remember an image but not remember where or who created it.  For a designer these “pictures” are combined with our own creative ideas to create a product.  So was it really your idea?  Or do you just think it was?

Case Study:  Me

When I first created ruffle leggings for kangacoo designs I was small.  I had only sold clothes online for about 6 months (prior to that it was only blankets and outerwear).  I created a Valentine Collection and at the last-minute used the ruffles  I added to my dress to create leggings for underneath.  Before I did this I searched Etsy and googled to see if anyone else was already making them.  I didn’t want to be a copy cat even though I did think up the idea on my own.  I did find one person.  She was in Brazil and made them for women.  Other designers were using the ruffles but not  in a full length legging.  When I released the dress not many ordered it but emails came in like crazy for the leggings and I started selling them.  Shortly after I was contacted by a showroom in LA and the rest is history.  After all this happened I did find a company outside of Etsy making ruffle leggings with the same material but a slightly different design.  Their focus is mainly dresses.  They may think I copied them.  I didn’t.

Valentine 2011  kangacoo designs photoshoot taken in early January

Now when you search Etsy there are sellers in the double digits making ruffle leggings the same as I do.  Many of them are individuals that copy but I also think some of them are people just like me that saw the fabric and said, “That would make a cute legging”.  I mean it’s not a super original idea to make a legging out of a ruffle fabric.  Just a good one.  And at this point Etsy/FB Sellers may not be copying me, they may be copying someone that copied me or someone that came up with the idea like me.

I know it sounds like I am letting people off the hook but it’s not that.  It’s just that there is no legal recourse in this field and the sooner you accept that and learn to play the game the better off you will be.  More importantly the better off your business will be.

And you do have to play the game if you want to last in this industry.  I mentioned this was a series because there is so much to cover on this topic.  How to protect your business when someone copies you, how copying affects the industry, how to brand your product as the top of it’s class among copy cats, when someone copies you and tries to attract you client or fan base, how to play clean when others play dirty…so stay tuned….

If you have a personal experience or just an opinion on this topic and would like to be featured on my blog please email me at katie@kangacoo.com


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