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I am so lucky to work with some amazing designers and for Issue 4 of TFBM Magazine I have worked with 4 of them to bring you some amazing deals all under $15!   The magazine has live links you can click for each deal.  These deals are limited so get over to page 8 of issue 4 to get yours today! 

Don’t miss future hot deals like this!  Sign up for my email list and pick the send me more info on TFBM Magazine and Indie Designer Deals option!  http://eepurl.com/v3uBD



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TFBM Magazine Issue 3 is LIVE

I invite you to come enjoy issue 3 of TFBM Magazine Spring 2014: The Photography Issue!

I couldn’t be more proud of an issue!  This is the prettiest issue yet as it is focused on product and fashion photography.  Whether you are a designer looking for tips on how to take photos for a line launch, a photographer looking for information on shooting an editorial, or a model looking for posing tips to show off product this issue has something for everyone!

AND I haven’t forgotten my followers that just appreciate the work of independent designers and love the opportunity to shop unique designs.  The online version of the magazine is FREE and all the company names have live links to take you directly to their shops!

Come see for yourself and don’t forget to let me know what you think.  🙂  CLICK HERE OR ON THE COVER BELOW


TFBM Magazine Issue 3 Spring 2014

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Guest Blogging:Free Marketing

I am so big on collaborating with other small business to help get the word out about each other.  One way to accomplish this is to guest blog.

Recently I was invited to guest blog for A Blissful Nest.  I was asked to write about how I style for the holidays using kangacoo designs clothing.  I went a step further and gave examples of how to use kangacoo clothing but also included tips on accomplishing the look with items you may already have in your closet and tips on how to coordinate the family.  You can read the full post here.

First I will tell you about A Blissful Nest and then I will tell you how the Guest Blog worked for both of us.

A Blissful Nest was founded by Rebekah who has an amazing flair for styling and a business in event planning and decorations.  Her work is amazing!    Her kits are easy to assemble and style on your own.  And she also does event planning if you want her to come set up.  Here is a peek at her Holiday 2011 Collection.

You may say what does her business have to do with mine?   Well here’s the connection:

My following of customers fits a certain profile:  Women (for the most part) that spend the extra penny to make sure their child has clothes that look perfect and unique.  kangacoo designs

A Blissful Nest customers fit a profile of: Women (for the most part) that spend the extra penny to make sure their surroundings and events look perfect and unique.

Both of our customers are style conscious and spend money on the same types of things.

So we took my 4000 Facebook fans and A Blissful Nest’s 4000 Facebook fans and blog followers and cross referenced.  I got exposure on her blog and Facebook page and I in turn promoted my guest blog on my Facebook page sending my fans to her.  A win win that didn’t cost either of us a penny.  And free marketing is the best marketing, right?

So what are you waiting for?  Start connecting with fellow bloggers and start cross promoting!  🙂


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