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Etsy App: Sales and Expenses Summary

Yesterday I was working on my sales and use taxes.  I used a program called Metricorn to help.  This is a great tool and only costs $9 for 6 months.  It breaks down your sales and expenses on Etsy by month, quarter and year.  It also breaks down taxes you have withheld from customers.  Additionally it reports the dollar amount you offered in coupon discounts.  Over all this is a great app; the net sales and shipping did seem to be accurate.  One downfall, expenses were not accurate.  Compared to etsy reports under the billing tab, the fees Metricorn reports are substantially less.



It also shows a graph to give you a visual of your most successful/slowest times of year.



This is a great graph to help you review your year.  When I looked at my report it showed Q2 as my slowest quarter.  My sales we actually more than cut in half.  I was a bit shocked until I remembered this was my busiest time of year for wholesale.  It was when I received my largest order to date on top of my normal wholesale load.  I slacked in promoting my retail sales to manage the wholesale workload.

This is a valuable analysis and reflection.  One that I will use to make changes this year.  I am learning to better manage production flow so I can free up more time for marketing and will continue to make this an emphasis in 2013.

Even if you don’t go with Metricorn I do encourage you to look at last year’s sales to help you plan for more success in 2013.



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