Relevant to all small businesses in the fashion industry, designers, suppliers, photographers, and stylists this blog is dedicated to sharing all I have learned in this industry.

I am owner of kangacoo designs, a girls clothing line.  I started my clothing line from scratch while I was 3 months pregnant with Marlise.  I had not touched a sewing machine since I was 8.  I started with burpies and blankets and then started making my signature faux fur ponchos and reversible coats.  A couple companies in Japan found me on etsy and I started wholesaling at the end of 2009.  I contunued to sell on etsy and find my self as a designer (ha I say that about myself every season).  I picked up a couple more US wholesale clients on my own and was approached by a showroom in the California Market Center in the Spring of 2011.  I signed with a showroom and 8 months later I am having a successfull wholesale season #2 with almost 50 wholesale clients.  It has been a crazy, bumpy, exciting road.  I learn somehting new everyday.  I have learned everything on my own and I want to share it all with others to help them on their path in this industry.

I am starting with a series of posts on how to market your business in places other than facebook but will cover many topics including photoshoots, sourcing materials, wholesale and retail, packaging and labeling, sharing resources I have found for supplies, marketing and sales, PR, and more.

enjoy the blog.  And if you like it, please share it with your friends and/or fans on fb.

facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fashion-Business-Mentor/267103400000845


6 responses to “About

  1. I’d love your help please contact me at ampy@galpinstudios.com

  2. Hello,
    I need your help..lol.. My name is Lisa Banks and I am a indie plus size designer in Atlanta, GA. I would love to talk to you more. 770-873-5047.. Thank you so much..

  3. Hello! I am relatively new in the fashion industry and could really use a mentor. I am a Fashion Stylist who could use some guidance. Please email me at windy@allthewaylife.net

  4. I have read a lot about you and wish to ask for a huge huge favor. Would you be my mentor? Please email me so we can talk. Thank you

  5. Hello! My name is Sean and the owner of Fashion ERP system provider in NYC area. In an effort to help small business to start with proper business system we are providing FashionFlow personal version for free for start up Fashion companies so they can be organized as they start. Please visit http://www.fashion-flow.com/customer-support/free-personal-version/ for more information. Thank you.

    • Hi Sean, thank you for the information. Do you have reviews on your free product I can read before downloading it to try myself? I am happy to recommend it to my followers if it works well for me. Also the release form needed to fill out to get the free version does not allow you to type into the document. Am I doing something wrong?

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