Balancing Motherhood With Working At Home-Top 9 Tips!

“That’s a beautiful picture!” I heard a man say as he leaned out his car window and smiled at me and my two little ones in tow.  Jude was in his baby k’tan carrier snuggled close to my chest while I pushed the stroller and Marlise was next to me on her big wheel as we crossed the street in front of his car.  I smiled ear to ear for two reasons.  One he was right and I needed the reminder and two the irony that not 5 minutes back we were on the sidewalk with two major meltdowns happening.  If only he had seen me taking deep “lord grant me patience” breaths as Jude screamed his lungs off in the stroller and Marlise refused to pedal her big wheel while crying and wailing loudly that her legs hurt and she was hot and that I didn’t love her anymore.

But you know even that was beautiful.  The three of us living daily life and working through its trials together.  The beautiful chance to be a fully present mother dealing with times as they came both good and bad.

Today I have reached a crossroad that will challenge my ability to be a fully present mom.  Jude is now 9 weeks old and its time to go back to work.  “But Katie you work from home for yourself”, you say?  Yes but I still must “go back”.  I have to go back to a place where my mind is focused on matters outside of my family and home.  I have to go back to finding time to produce (product or blog posts or both). I have to go back to being business focused.

So I have been asking myself how will I do this but also be a fully present mother.  It is the question all work at home moms ask themselves and struggle with.

Below I have listed 9 ways to make working at home and balancing motherhood easier.  Notice I said easier and not easy.  It’s not easy to be a WAHM but it has one huge reward.  Being a fully present mom.

1.  Define Balance

Balance means something different to everyone and you need to define what it means to you if you want to achieve it.  What does a successful day look like to you?  Give yourself an 8am to 6pm work/being a mom day.  (Evenings should be devoted to family.  If you have the energy to work when the kids are in bed go for it but don’t do it daily or you will get burnt out, not to mention your marriage will suffer.  Husbands need your time too.)  How much work time and how much “being a mom” time do you want to fit into a day?  80/20?  50/50?  20/80?  We all have a ratio that feels just right to us.  What is your ratio?



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