WIN an Ultimate Business Start Up Guide!


Sylvia from the Business Plan Mentor is here to help with all things business related.  She is offering one lucky winner a copy of her ULTIMATE ONE STOP BUSINESS START UP GUIDE 

Includes ALL of the following: 

  1. Step by Step Timeline Instructions – This is the secret to success! Designed in an easy to follow step-by-step style to get your business launched as quickly and painlessly as possible! Save countless  weeks and even years of research. Get started with your new small business that much sooner with a step-by-step timeline. 
  2. LocationLocationLocation-Learn all about how to choose the right location and how to negotiate a lease like a pro.
  3. Franchises – where to find, how to choose. Very comprehensive manual written by a franchise owner. Inside information and tips only a real franchise owner could give you. Great info for ANY business,  not just franchises.
  4. Business Entity – learn which business entity type is best for your business. Sole Proprietor? Partnership? S Corporation? LLC? Learn why incorporating may not protect your personal assets as widely believed. This tip alone can save you thousands of dollars!
  5. Credit Card Merchant Account- accepting credit cards  means doubling and tripling your sales! Learn how to qualify. It’s actually quite simple and affordable!
  6. Insurance – workman’s compensation; liability; etc. Not sure what you will require? This section explains it all.
  7. Web Site – in conjunction with your “physical” business or as strictly a web based business.  Even the smallest of businesses should have a presence on the Internet.
  8. Advertising – a new business must be marketed to draw the most customers as quickly as possible. Learn how.
  9. Press Release – The ultimate in free, highly effective, publicity. Learn how easy it is to write your own press release and see your business in newspapers (complete with pictures!), television and radio. Jump start your advertising with this FREE (!) strategy and watch your customers streaming in.
  10. Payroll/Bookkeeping – Save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself with affordable, readily available software. Hiring an accountant to handle your day to day bookkeeping is longer necessary. You have options.
  11. POS System (Point of Sale)- learn what type is best for your needs.
  12. Business Bank Account – learn what you need to open your business checking account. (It’s more involved than your regular personal checking account.)
  13. FUNDING– bank loan; venture capital; angels; SBA loans; microloans; grants. Discover little used options to fund your start-up.
  14. Employee Relations –  Written by a Human Resources professional.
  15. Taxes – Learn about the myriad of deductions available for small business owners. Even the cost of this  guide can be deducted! Also, learn what forms are required and when to file.



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