Rebranding-define who you are before you sell

Today I had coffee with a friend and of course the conversation turned to business.  If you want to be my friend please know that often the conversation will turn to work.  I am an entrepreneur and so are most of my friends.  I see possibility in EVERYTHING and get along best with others that do too.  I will have to have Stephanie guest blog sometime.  She is one of those exuberant people with a love for life and other people.  Her eyes never stop smiling even when her mouth does.  She is quite motivating!

My friend Stephanie is in marketing and we got to talking about the changes I am making for kangacoo designs, my new business plan and how it will require some rebranding.  It was a great talk and when I left my head was swimming with ideas.

As I start my rebranding and roll out my new business plan I am going to write about each step on my blog.  Whether you are just starting out or feel like you need a business makeover I invite you to join me and will give you some exercises to help you along the way.  The first thing I want to talk about is defining your business/customer.  This definition is your brand.  I cannot emphasize the importance of defining your brand and knowing your target customer.  This is something that may evolve over time so this is a great exercise to do no long how you have been in business.


Ask yourself the following questions.  I have provided my sample answers, yours may be shorter or longer.  I suggest using a sheet of paper and brainstorming your answers then condense it.

What do I make?  Clothing and accessories for girls and women

What is special about it?  interesting textures, comfortable clothes that look special but can be worn everyday, feminine and fun, women’s wear designed with body conscious thoughtfulness

Who is my customer? mothers who like to dress well and dress up their little girls, grandmothers who like to shop, medium to high income

This information will help you in developing a tagline and marketing/sales plan.  I have already written a post on developing a tagline here.  I will soon be talking a lot about marketing and sales on the blog.  Until then…

Yours in success,





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