A New Way of Doing Business

This morning I caught a news segment featuring Gabrielle Reece plugging her new book, My Foot is Too Big For The Glass Slipper. She summed it up that is about her step back from her career to find balance in her life and that she shares some unpleasant truths about her life to help her readers. She made one comment that resonated with me. I am ad-libbing but it went like this, “Where did women get the notion they should have it all. There is a certain sacrifice required to keep a family and career intact.”
Fast forward to this evening. I pulled out my last 5 issues of Marie Claire that I haven’t had a chance to read yet and started with the Fall 2012 @work issue. In the editor’s comments at the front of the magazine she states in this issue she is offering up “women who have not achieved necessarily balance but big lives that accommodate work, family, dating, travel, hobbies, and the pursuit of happiness whatever form it takes.”
I call these moments “life lessons beckoning”. When more than one unrelated source is delivering the same message at the same time, LISTEN!
One thing I lost in trying to grow my business was my role as a mother and wife. I am working ALL the time. My mind is on work when I am not working. It is hard for me to be present with my family. I resent this but can’t help myself. Somewhere in the business of fashion I have lost myself.
So I have a new plan. A plan that will change the way I operate my business and the way I design my collections. It changes the standard way of wholesaling and the relationships I have with my retailers. It changes everything. It is exactly what I need right now. I have a new plan to move forward with my business in a way that will allow me to be present with my family, live by my principles and own my own fashion company!
I have realized that while the wholesale fashion business has a certain way of operating, it doesn’t work for me and my business. I still want to be a part of it but I have to create a way of operating that works for me and invite retailers to be a part of it. Somewhere along the way I forgot that I offer something special and unique. It is something people want to buy. I have let showroom reps and market sales dim my confidence. I have let production woes burden my design time. I have let bad ordering and payment protocols of the industry put my family in struggling financial times.
But no more. Big changes are coming for kangacoo designs in the coming months. I have a plan that I think will work for all small designers trying to make it in the fashion industry. I am keeping it under wraps as I put it in place for my company and test it but along the way I will be sharing bits with you.
In the meantime I am working on 2 new and exciting blog segments. A Social Media Marketing workshop where I will introduce you to women that can help you grow your audience and teach you how to engage the audience you have. And a Supplier Virtual Tradeshow where I introduce you to suppliers of the materials you already use to broaden your sourcing arena.
Stay tuned and hold on! We are going onward and upward…together!


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