Baby Blues a Designer’s Mental Block Due to Loss

Normally I try to keep my personal life pretty close to the vest.  Partly because I have learned that all things pass and the more attention you give them the longer they stick around.  But I also know that through trials come lessons and since I write an educational blog I am going to share a private and sensitive personal experience with you all.

This month I had m second miscarriage in a row.  The last was at 8.5 weeks this one at 10.5 weeks (both for different reasons).  For those of you that have had a miscarriage the loss is heartbreaking and the emotions that follow are jolting.  You go through a series of emotions from anger to jealousy (damn gorgeous pregnant celebs in the news, damn pregnant girl at the grocery store, damn crying newborn at the doctors office…), then you go through a sadness of loss, then you move on to acceptance and hope that the next time will work out.  The experience consumes your time, thoughts and sometimes your creative ability.

For the last year I have not been designing for babies.  Sure I offer my clothes in infant size but I rarely make samples or have babies photographed.  Really not smart on my part because babies are a booming market, always have been and always will be.  People always have babies and they always want them to look cute and they grow out of clothes like weeds!  A fashion designer’s dream really.  But I haven’t tapped this market due to the baby blues.  Due to my losses I have just put baby thoughts aside.

I share my experience because I want you to take a moment to think where a mental block is holding you back in your business.  I always say once you are aware of a problem you have the power to change it.  Maybe you are scared people won’t like your product so you never release it.  Maybe you need photos done but you are scared to ask that photographer you admire because you don’t think you are established enough.  Maybe you are nervous to approach stores to carry our line so you just don’t do it.  Whatever your block is take the time to identify what it is, how it is holding you back and create a game plan to overcome it.  I’ll be working on this right along with you.

Onward and upward my friends!



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3 responses to “Baby Blues a Designer’s Mental Block Due to Loss

  1. I just wanted to offer my condolences. When trying to start our family we went through two devastating miscarriages within six months. It is heart wrenching. Best of luck in your journey to expand your family.

  2. Oh Katie, I love you. I am so sorry for your losses, but you are such a beautiful, strong, amazing woman. It takes a lot to share like you just have & to realize the “block” it has put on your business. I wish I could just hug you! Thank you for sharing this, I have been letting something hold me back too and I needed to hear this. God has great plans in store for you & that beautiful family if yours! It may be hard to see at times (trust me…I struggle with seeing it a lot) but its true! Keep your head up! I’m so glad I’ve been able to be a part if your journey. You’re truly a blessing to me & many others! I love you! You’re in my prayers always! ❤

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