Free Etsy Apps to Promote Your Shop

This morning I am feeling a bit under the weather so I am taking the down time to explorer some ways to promote my Etsy shop using Etsy Apps. Here is a list of apps that I think will be useful that I am giving a try this morning. An online registry that will feature your items for free. Learn more here:

There is another similar app that brings your listings up on The Find.  It is free the first month and $10/month after  Learn more here:

Etsy Shoptimizer This app shows you your reach online.  Find out if your listings are set up for optimum search and sales.  Is your Etsy Shop optimized for search and sales?  View your free report card and start using our personalized tips to improve your shop and increase traffic.   This company also offers pin tracker and a photo enhancement applications. (your report card takes a while to load.  Be patient.)

Fish Indie Fish Indie is a brand new subscription-based ad network designed to spotlight your Etsy products, on your favorite blogs.  Waiting on more info now that I requested to sign up.

That’s all I have time for today.  Happy Sunday!

You can view all Etsy apps for shops here:


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