Collaborration Call Out: Get Seen!

This year the fashion business mentor has a lot up her sleeve.  I will be redoing the blog, offering an industry resource guide, advertising and a fabulous new way to bring designers and photographers together!

I am going to be doing several collaborations this year myself and I will be helping you all to collaborate with eachother too!  The idea is to use your social media fan bases to cross promote using beautiful pics and a giveaway of the items photographed.  Everyone gets new fans and hopefully more sales.  Here is how it works:

I will create a list of interested designers and photographers.  I will use these lists to match up designers and photographers and hopefully stylists to create one awesome photo shoot showcasing a few brands [pulled together to create one great look!

WHO CAN GET INVOLVED?  Photographers, Stylists, and Designers.  Designers of all products, women, men, children, accessories.  We are looking to create editorial shoots of all kinds.

Who does what?
DESIGNERS: will send 1 item to be photographed together in a shoot.  The shoot will be themed so that items go well together.

PHOTOGRAPHER:  will style and shoot the items on a model they cast.  Clothes will be photographers to keep.  Photographer can decide to give model clothes from the shoot or just images.
Images needed, 2 showcasing each product and 3-5 of whole outfit.  A minimum of 9-11 edited watermarked photos.  Please watermark photos for marketing purposes.

Once the shoot is done.
All designers and photog post photos on Facebook and tag all involved.
Designers if you use these photos to list your product in your shop please be sure to credit the photographer and other designers involved so that all products/services can be found and purchased.

Finally the giveaway.  This is where you will gain new fans.  Each designer will give away the item they had photographed.  I will host the giveaway on my blog.  In order to enter the giveaway entrants will have to like all designers and photogs Facebook pages.  PHOTOGS you do not have to give any thing away but I do ask you promote the giveaway on your fb and blog to help spread the word.

The cost to designers will be 2 products and the photogs cost will be a stylized session with 9-11 edited images given to all involved.

The gain.  All collaborations will be featured on our blog, you will all gain new fans/customers!

So that’s it.  WHO’S INTERESTED?  Email me at with COLLAB in the subject line and your business info and links and any questions you have.

STAY TUNED…I will have photos from a colloaboration I am doing soon!



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10 responses to “Collaborration Call Out: Get Seen!

  1. Jennifer

    This sounds familiar! ;)))

    Jennifer Anderson-Wiggins Forty Toes Photography 253-273-2720

    • Not to worry Jen, not stepping on any toes here. I am using this as a teaching tool to help designers and photogs come thogether to cross promote eachother. it is not my sole purpose of the site but actually a segment to gain a new audience that will have access to my ultimate goal of providing a vendor directory and resource guide of how to start and run a fashion business.

  2. Sounds fun! You can count me in!

  3. Designers are sending one item to be photographed- what is the second product mentioned??? The cost to designers will be 2 products and the photogs cost will be a stylized session with 9-11 edited images given to all involved.

    • The second item is for the giveaway. So the first item is kept by the phtog as payment for his or her time and work. The second is used for a giveaway. The giveaway is where the cross promotion of fans comes in, you will be reffering your fan base to the other designers and photog and vice versa. The giveaway item is incentive for people to like all the pages which gains you a new audience to sell to.

      • thanks- does the giveaway item and the photographed item need to be the same/similar? I know I see many designers giving away ‘gift certificates’ versus size specific items.

      • I am a firm believer that a tangible product is best but I also know many designers only have a limited supply of their items so sometimes GC are the better option. If you do decide on a GC then it will need to be at least the value of the item featured.

  4. Misha

    I’m really intrigued by this!

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