Setting Goals:TFBM’s 3 steps to setting specific goals

Setting Goals:TFBM’s 3 steps to setting specific goals

Last year I set 1 New Year’s resolution.  I would put my business out there as much as possible and I would not say no to anything (within reason of course).  Looking back I am so glad I kept my goal vague because the year took me on one wild ride of opportunity and learning.  This year it is time to pull in the reigns and buckle down.  Setting specific goals is on the top of my priority list.

So many people struggle with goal setting so I thought I would share my 3 step plan to setting effective goals.  Decide, Define, Describe.  Each word will take you one step closer to setting specific goals.  Specific goals are important because you can measure their success.  Here are my goals this year using my system.  I hope it inspires you to set some specific goals of your own.

STEP 1:  Decide the areas you want to make progress:

  1.  Organization
  2.  Increasing sales
  3. Cut Costs
  4.  Obtaining a better work life balance

STEP 2:  Now get a little more specific.  Define what do you really want to accomplish in these areas?

  1. Streamlining Office Procedures and Organization,  Organizing production
  2. A)Doubling retail business

B) Doubling wholesale business

3.  Save $ in Etsy/PayPal/Shipping Fees

4.  Hire additional help so I can focus more on growing the business and spend more time with my family

STEP 3:  Now it’s time to describe how to accomplish these goals.

  1. Buy software that will help me organize production and work flow and organize all important information in one place.
  2. A)create a Facebook marketing plan and sell directly on Facebook on a regular basis, research e-commerce “malls” where I can open a new shop, do monthly collaborations with other designers and photographers willing to cross promote products, create a 2013 marketing/brand awareness plan
  3. Open my own e-commerce site to drive Facebook and marketed customers to: this will cut Etsy fees by saving fees on customers I find on my own.  /Research merchant processing for wholesale business that offers a better rate than PayPal/Research shipping companies
  4. Purchasing software to organize production and accounting and hiring production help for wholesale and a separate seamstress for customs will free up time for me to focus more on growing the business and spend more time with my family.

Happy goal setting!  Feel free to email me if you get stuck.  I will be more active in 2013 answering questions and starting some mentorships.  I even have a new email!


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