Photog/Designer Spotlight Galpin Studios

I met Ampy of Galpin Studios last year online.  She invited me to take part in her annual holiday giveaway.  One of the best.  I am currently taking part in this year’s and you can check it out and enter here:
Then come back and read my interview with Galpin Studios.
What is your primary focus in photography (types of photography/subjects?events?etc.)
 My Primary focus is faces. I love faces, big , small faces, wee faces, all faces!  I photography them to capture their beauty.  My favorite face is a newborn face, whether sleeping or awake I just melt.  My clients always bring me newborns to photograph in my Famous Pea Pods.  Together the Pea Pod and the newborn are a perfect fit.
How often do you do fashion clothing/accessory shoots? 
often! My daughter models there for I am always on a runway and always inspired to create beautiful headpieces that can be walked and sold at the events.
How do you prepare or photograph differently for fashion shoots?
Fashion shoots are all about the model and the clothing or headpiece they are showcasing, therefore the focus is on those items.
How do you feel about the designer giving you direction on a shoot?
I don’t mind my designers giving me direction I work with so many and am a rep for a few. My very favorite one is Melissa Jane Boutique we have been working together for years she designs the outfits and I sometime make the headpieces, then we walk them both down the runway.
Here are some photos she did of a Melissa Jane Dress.
How many pieces do you photograph in one session?
It depends on the model and time but quite a few. I design headbands and headpieces therefore many can be used.  Below is a crown designed and sold by Galpin Studios.
How many photos of each item do you take? How many get edited and returned to designer?
I look through all the images and edit the very best ones then they are placed in a private gallery where the designer may choose what he/she would like to use.
How many hours do you invest in a typical session?
2-4 hours depending on style, set and wardrobe changes.
What are the biggest challenges in photographing product on a subject?
The biggest challenge has to be capturing the product as it’s used. You have to really try to get the model to sell it for the company.  often a location or studio set needs to be showcased to enhance the product.
Please share any advice you have for designers or photographers regarding photographing fashion products.
 I would advise all photographers to use props that work for them and the clients. Many photographers make the mistake of trying  to hard to make a prop or outfit work, if it was not ment to be move on and choose one that does. Try find a nice team to work with like a makeup and hairstylist. also a clothing stylist helps if you are struggling to put your mode together seek their advice.  I have partnered with the best NY stylist and that make all the difference.
Do you offer sessions on trade for product? If not how can a designer get pricing?
I do offer trades from time to time, depending on what the product is, because consider having a child model that owns a ton of tutus, a tutu at this point would not be a great trade, however if I do have the time I’ll do it.  I also get asked to shoot her with headbands, I will consider it if it is a very different style. I am a headband designer so it make it difficult for me to choose.  I often use a simple flower if the outfit pattern is elaborate or busy in color. I want to showcase the outfit and complement it with my headpiece.


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