Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.

Oh where oh where has the fashion business mentor gone?  Oh Where Oh Where Can She Be?….

Well lets just say I have been busy, so busy I am half delirious and slightly punchy.  Hence the silly intro.  But hey there are worse ways to handle stress right?

In the last couple weeks I have sewn hundreds of garments, thanks to the fact that  had to let a bad seamstress go and to the fact that I am twice as busy this year as I was last so having just one seamstress to help isn’t enough.  Even immediate wholesale orders are rolling in still.  To say I feel truly blessed would be half true half lie.

I am going to tell you something and ask you to remind yourself of the same thing when your business is booming past the point of management.  Success doesn’t happen to you unless you work hard.  So when it does give yourself credit.  See, I do feel blessed but I also feel a sense of accomplishment.  I have sacrificed so much this year to make this business grow and it really has.  So now that I have 4 times as many open orders as the same time last year I am stopping for a minute, taking a break from the stress, to say, “Hey Katie, good job.  Keep it up!”

Ok done with my back pat, now it’s your turn.  This is the time of year we all hold on for dear life or start thinking we can’t make it.   Maybe you need more business, maybe you need more help, maybe you need inspiration, maybe you are investing all your time in your business and feel bummed that once again you are not enjoying your holiday season so that others can enjoy theirs (welcome to retail).  No matter your woe, get over it for a minute and look at what you have done right this year.  Stop and tell yourself, “Hey Good Job!”  or “Hey, you can do it!” or “Hey I am creating a living for myself with my wits and skill.”

Just for one moment pat yourself on the back.  Then get back out there and go get em tiger! (football pat on the butt)


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  1. Jennifer

    Great job my friend! Here’s to even more success!

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