What The Fashion Business Mentor knows about: Bad Hires

I have a bit of a situation here.  One that involves too many mistakes and lack of reliability.  It comes in the form of one of my seamstresses.

Coming from a recruiting background I always beat myself up over a bad hire.  I should know better, right?  But then I remind myself of this, people are unpredictable.  You cannot control how they act but you can control how you react.  I have been reacting poorly.

I tend to be a bit of a bleeding heart.  I give people chances, lots of them.  I try to see their point of view and sympathize way more than I should.  It’s not a terrible quality as a person but it is an awful quality in a boss.  I am wasting time.  Wasting my own valueable time that my business could be making money.  I am spending that time training and retraining, fixing mistakes, and scrambling for help or to do things myself when my hire doesn’t show up for work or takes long breaks without notice.

I have been letting my hire hold me hostage.  She does a good job on some things and looking for new help on top of my current work load in the middle of the retail holiday season is more than daunting.  But not looking is killing me!  Added stress and pent-up aggressions are killing me.  So it’s time.

What I know about bad hires:

1.  Pay attention to the red flags.  Your gut is usually right.

2.  Confront the issues and give one chance to fix mistakes.  If an employee is not able to fix errors quickly the job is not right for them.

3.  Cut ties sooner than later.  You are running a business you are not a social worker.

4.  Your business is only as good as the people that work for you.  Pay attention to what went wrong so you can make a better hire next time.



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