What I know about: The Fashion Business Mentor

Consider this not so much a new series on the blog but rather a helpful friendly way to organize the information on my blog.  You see I blog as I learn and I am constantly learning.  When I feel I have learned enough about a topic to pass on a little wisdom and guidance I blog it.  So from now on I will start blogging What I know about:(fill in the blank).  I am adding a What I know about category on my blog so you can easily read through headlines to find a post with the information you need.  Don’t see a what I know about post with the topic you need?  Email your topic request to katie@kangacoo.com

If you are new here let me fill you in on what this blog is all about.  I own a fashion business and I have learned the ropes on my own with no education in the field and no experience.  I just dove in.  In just a few short years my line is in almost 100 stores and I have celebrated my 1050th online shopper in my e-commerce shop.  I will be honest it has been a rough uphill climb (good thing I thrive on that sort of thing) but it doesn’t have to be so hard for everyone.  Along the way I have often said, “If only there was a resource to go to for help.”  So at the beginning of the year The Fashion Business Mentor was born.

This year I have not blogged quite as much as I wanted.  The reason was that I have been learning.  A LOT!  So I have spent a huge amount of time this year adjusting and processing and applying my new knowledge to my own business.  Testing my theories so I can pass on solid information to you.  I am excited for what 2013 has in store for the fashion business mentor and it’s readers:  actual mentorships, a lot of information on wholesale and growing your business, and lots of industry specialists guest blogging.

I look forward to interacting more with you all and hearing more about your businesses!


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