The Organized Mess System:kick the habit

If I were brave enough I would show you photos of what I like to call my organized mess.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term it is defined as this: The places we leave our things because we know “exactly where it is” but if anyone else had to find it they would fail.

If we are being honest I fail to find things in my organized mess quite often which results in unnecessary ranting and stress.  My husband would be happy to confirm this.  Too happy in fact.  I begrudgingly give him this one, he’s right, a business cannot be run on an organized mess system.  Especially if you have or want employees. An organized workspace will save you time and help others to help you.  If you want to grow your business you will need to keep things organized so that you can create a workflow and policies for your employees.

So its time!  Time for me to say goodbye to my organized mess and hello to a system that will allow a stranger off the street to find something if he needed to. (Bad analogy but you get the idea.)  If you are also using the organized mess system then please read on to see how you too can break the habit and take easy steps to a system that will save you time and ranting!

1.  You have to admit you have a problem.  Repeat after me.  I am not a bad person I just have a bad way of organizing things.  Detach yourself from your obstacle and you can tackle it more efficiently.

2. Take a mental tour through your day.  Break it down into the tasks you do regularly.  For example:  I cut, I sew, I pack and ship, I also have an office area where I do my computer work, I also have a set of accessories and props for photo shoots.  I do a lot of other things but I do these things most.  So I have started organizing these areas first.

3. Separate supplies.  One day I will get fancy with it but for now I am going cheap and simple.  I went out and bought 6 rolling storage units ($10 each).  They look like this:

The small drawers are nice for small office supplies, cutting tools, pads of paper ect.  The larger drawers are great for packing supplies, fabric, notions…

Back to separating.  I used one rolling unit for each task I listed above:

Office cart:  This houses my office supplies and packing supplies.  When I need to pack and ship everything I need is right there.

Cutting cart: This houses my scissors, and small cuts of fabric.  It is my go to place to make samples and fill retail orders. (Larger quantities of fabric are stored elsewhere on rolls.)

Fabric carts:  I have additional carts with 3 larger drawers only.  Great to keep small cuts of fabric clean, organized and handy.

Notions and serger thread cart:  Self explanatory

Photoshop Cart:  Filled with props and accessories I reserve only for photo shoots.

4. Keep it organized!!!!!  The feeling you get after you clean up is amazing.  That sigh of relief and accomplishment is wonderful.  What feels even better?  Keeping it that way.  Label your drawers if needed.

Now get out there and get organized!  🙂

Be sure to catch up on my photo series on my blog.  I have been interviewing designers and photographers to gain information about how to take photos that sell product.  Just click on the modeling/photography category on my blog.



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