Fashion Photography:What makes a Good Fashion Photographer

I wanted to take a quick break from interviews to address the purpose of this series.  I want to give you all some insight as to how photographers and designers think as they approach fashion photography.  That is the purpose of the interviews.  But I also want to take that information and my own experience and combine it to create some tips that will help you get the photos you need to sell product.

I have been lucky to work with some amazing photographers with some amazing styles.  In the last year I have moved from working with photographers all over the US to mainly working with local photogs so I can be present.  I want to inject my styling and vision into the shoots.  It’s something I am still defining but the goal is to create a more cohesive look when it comes to images used to represent my brand, kangacoo designs.

In the past month I have worked with a husband wife photography team, JT Pro Imaging, already we have 3 shoots under our belt.  Jennifer Tousey (wife and one of the JT’s in JT Pro Imaging) approached me to do our first shoot.  They wanted to expand their experience and offerings by adding product shoots to their portfolio.  Jen and I met at the Covenant House Fundraiser at Project Runway All Star Gordana Gehlhausen’s Shop earlier in the year.  Our daughter’s both modeled my clothes on the runway for silent auction and became fast friends.  Jen and I did too.  Josh (the second JT of JT Pro Imaging) manned the camera at the runway show.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Bella, their actress daughter, who also donned some kangacoo for charity.

Now that introductions are out of the way let’s talk photo shoots.

Our first photo shoot was of my first release of my wild child collection.    I wanted a fall look to the pictures in the dead heat of summer.  Jen said no problem and began preparing location and props. She was very organized and detailed communicating what props she had in case I wanted to bring along others.  She prepared one set of back to school props and another set of fall props.  She arranged 2 locations within walking distance that would provide different backdrops so I would have variation in my shots.  The day of the shoot she had everything lined up and kept things moving along.  Josh just took pictures.  Along the way Josh showed me what he was shooting and asked if it was what I needed.  I was able to instruct him what photos I liked and why.  I showed him the angles I wanted to show off the clothes and the detailed close ups I wanted.

After the shoot Jen organized some photos to be arranged in collages and edited by Josh so I could use them to market my collection.  There were in addition to the product photos.  Josh emailed me a couple test edits to get a feel for the type of finish that worked best for me to show off my product.

JT Pro’s motto is to showcase personality not poses and I love that!  I think kids clothes should be fun and kids should look like kids, not supermodels.  (Don’t get me wrong everyone loves a pretty picture but when a mom is shopping she needs to be able to say to herself, “I can totally see my child doing that.”)

Jen and Josh are a well oiled photography duo and gave me exactly what I needed!  Some may say they go above and beyond and I’m being spoiled.  I say, EXACTLY!  And that’s why I will use them again and again!  Can’t wait to share about our other shoots but first please enjoy some pics from our wild child shoot!


Be sure to stop by the JT Pro Imaging fb page and show them some love from The Fashion Business Mentor.



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2 responses to “Fashion Photography:What makes a Good Fashion Photographer

  1. Reblogged this on JT Pro Imaging and commented:
    One of the best ‘Thank You’ cards EVER! We feel the same about Katie! Excellent business woman, dynamic and organized. Absolutely LOVE working with her and her passion for what she does!!

  2. So excited to read this! I live on the Glendale/Burbank border and have been searching for a great photographer. I love the idea of being able to attend the photo shoot. They did an amazing job with your photos! Gorgeous!

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