Fashion Photographer Interview: Juneberry Photo

Welcome back to my series on fashion photography.  The whole series is dedicated to bringing knowledge of photographers and designers together to help you create quality pictures that sell product.  If you are just tuning into the series check out our last post for the first post in the series.

A picture is worth a thousand words is often quoted but rarely captured.  This is not true of the photographer I am about to introduce.  Her work is interesting and powerful.  Before I tell you more about her I invite you to view some of her best work:

Now let me introduce who took these amazing photos!   I have had the extreme privilege and pleasure of working with this amazing talent, Jessie Kenney of Juneberry Photo.  Jessie is a fashion, editorial, and commercial photographer specializing in baby, children, and tweens. She resides and works in Southern California but her work reaches far beyond the US with image publications in Vogue Kids Brazil and Babiekins Magazine seen worldwide. Her diverse clientele ranges from children’s products and accessories to high fashion editorial work.

Now on to our interview:

What is the main focus of your photography business?

My primary focus has always been children and fashion photography, but recently have fallen in love with seniors and modeling. I love maternity, babies, families, and seniors! Capturing true life is beautiful and real…I will never get tired of photographing my portrait clients.

Let me interrupt my own interview to show you some of Juneberry Photo’s Senior work.  Wowie!

Info on how to book a senior session with Jessie can be found here

Studio or Outdoors?

I specialize in natural light photography but I also have a love for studio. Some of my favorite images were shot with studio lighting.  I think if you know how to find good light and the right exposure, it doesn’t matter if you are in studio or outdoors.

Favorite Prop?

My favorite prop would be a great model! Haha

How often do you do fashion clothing/accessory shoots?
Recently, I have done quite a few editorial and commercial shoots for clothing brands and magazines and I try to get in at least one “creative” or “inspiration” shoot in once a month just for me. That keeps my artistic eye tuned up and I can play with various ideas I have been working on.

How do you prepare or photograph differently for fashion shoots?

Preparation for a fashion shoot isn’t much different from my typical client shoot; however, there are some additional factors that come into play. For example: I work closely with the fashion stylists and/or editors to determine the concept of the shoot as well as model choices and shoot location. Everyone needs to come together as a team to create a cohesive project that will best represent the look we are going for.

How do you feel about the designer giving you direction on a shoot?

This ties in with my previous answer but I love when I can work with a designer directly! I feel it is vital to bringing their vision to life. When working with designers, I try to really listen to what they are wanting from the project. Being able to discern their style and vision is crucial. During this process, we can decide if our visions mesh together to create something that is equally rewarding. Of course, I am always willing to lend my opinion on location, lighting, etc.
How many pieces do you photograph in one session?

This really depends on the task at hand. For editorials, I shoot anywhere from 3 – 10 looks on average. For look books, it depends on how many pieces the designer has in their collection. My largest commercial shoot has upwards of 30 pieces.

How many photos of each item do you take?  How many get edited and returned to designer?
I tend to shoot until I achieve the exact feel I am looking for so I do not have a set amount of shots per outfit during the shoot itself. Some models are a little easier to work with and I can get the “money shot” in a few minutes, others take a little longer if I have to work with them more. The amount of final images I deliver depends on the contract I have with that particular designer.

How many hours do you invest in a typical session?
I’d say I spend anywhere from 20-30 hours working on a shoot from the planning, emails, consults, to the actual shoot and post processing. My full day rate for a shoot includes 5-10 hours.

What are the biggest challenges in photographing product on a subject?
Most challenges are ironed out prior to the shoot (if we can help it). Issues with fittings and scheduling can occur but as a team, we figure those out fairly quickly. On occasion, I will have a young model who isn’t used to the camera or isn’t in the best mood but it always works out just fine.
Please share any advice you have for designers or photographers regarding photographing fashion products.

My advice for photographers and designers would be to leave ego at the door. Working in a professional manner is key to preserving this industry. Folks don’t want to work with a diva! I love creating healthy, working relationships with designers and that is a great way to build your reputation as a professional. Learn who you work best with and keep them around. Not everyone will be a perfect fit. Communication is huge!

Do you offer sessions on trade for product? 
I did quite a bit of “trade” shoots in the beginning to build my portfolio but I have since learned that if you don’t value your work, no one will. Portfolio building should be used for a limited time period to establish your name and build your skill set only. It should not become a way to run your business on a regular basis. It is important to remember that we take time away from our families for these shoots, we work hard and do endless preparation and research to become true professionals and artists. That in itself has value and should not be taken for granted. I will say, if an opportunity presents itself that is mutually rewarding, I might take it on for fun. It’s all about balance.

I was one of the lucky portfolio building client’s Jessie took on.  I am ever grateful!  She took some amazing photos for kangacoo designs my children’s line.  Recently I sent her a mermaid outfit for her daughter’s birthday and she sent me back these images.  Swoon…

You can connect with Juneberry Photo on facebook at

view her commercial portfolio at

Come see what Jessie finds “Pin-teresting” at

Before you go…a little more eye candy from Juneberry Photo



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2 responses to “Fashion Photographer Interview: Juneberry Photo

  1. Wow! What beautiful, powerful images! Not to mention great information. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  2. love Jessie and have been lucky to work with her on many amazing collaborations

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