A Photos Worth:the photography payment plan

I’m back!  I have been busy a beetle over here in kanga land working on orders and new launches and photo shoots.  Where does the time go?  I have really taken a new approach with photography this year and the results have inspired me to write a blog series on product/fashion photography.

I have been very lucky to work with some amazing photographers to shoot my clothing but there have been times when my photos are a bit lack luster.  So I have been determined this year to really focus on finding a small group of photographers that really get me as a designer and can portray the kangacoo image.  It is important as I build my brand to create a cohesive look no matter how many photographers I use.  I want customers to look at a picture and immediately think-that’s so kangacoo.

The bottom line is this: a photo will make or break sales.  As a designer you have to make sure you get the image you need to sell your product!

I have started with going back to my faithful photographers that I adore,  but I went back with a new program.  I have worked out a way to pay my photographers.  I know some of you may be thinking why pay when so many photographers will work on trade for clothes and send back fabulous images.  It is true.  The thing is, I want more of a say.  I want to give direction.  I want to spend time making mood boards and going over set props with photogs.  I really want them to work hard to create what I am looking for.  I am not asking them to change their style of editing and photography I just want more on the styling side.  I also want to chose my own models.  And I think if they are willing to do all that and put in the time they deserve to be paid.

How do I pay my photogs on a shoestring budget is the burning question right?  Well I have created a system that allows the photographer to really take ownership of the work they do and that gives them a vested interest in creating the best photos possible.  I pay a % of sales.  For the first 3 months the product is listed they earn a % of sales.

I rolled this out with Nicole Benitez Photography with my first tween collection, and received some really amazing photos!  Who am I kidding she always delivers amazing photos!  She is the one who inspired this plan.  She works so hard for me and I really wanted to pay her but couldn’t afford an up front rate.  Enjoy some of her magic below:

I then rolled out this plan to Heather of Filigree Fotography and designer for Filigree and Flowers.  She photographed my whole fall collection and wow!  I am so impressed with all the hard work and quick turnaround.  Take a peek at her work below all items available at www.kangacoo.etsy.com

I also rolled out this plan to one for my favorite photographers Ashley Bee Photography who photographed my Halloween collection.  That little chick is selling like hotcakes!

The work that goes into creating photos like this is tremendous!  The photographers I work with are professionals with top skills and who are always investing in their own craft to become better at what they do.  This deserves payment don’t you think?

So even with these 3 great photographers I still need others to handle the workload of all the items I need photographed.  I recently did a test shoot with a new photographer to see if I would want to roll out this % plan to him and his wife (they work as a team).  I will share how we set that up and how it went later int his series along with interviews from some photographers and designers discussing the topic of photographing product to get images that sell.  Hope you enjoy the series!



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3 responses to “A Photos Worth:the photography payment plan

  1. That’s a very clever idea!!!

  2. I do want to note that I only use this program with photographers i choose to shoot full collections. I also do shoots for an outfit or piece on trade of product and promotion for photos.

  3. Nice idea !!
    Please read our recent blog http://wp.me/p2Ofsb-6

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