Are People Talking About You?

If you have a small business then surely you spend time everyday thinking about how to get your name or product seen and how to increase sales.   I started the blog to help other small businesses grow by sharing what I learn while running mine, kangacoo designs.  One area I have learned a lot in is how to bring awareness to your brand.  What works and what doesn’t.

Let me cover a few avenues I have tried to bring awareness to my brand and how they have panned out for me.

1.  Celebrity Gift Suite:  I was invited to gift at a MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suite last spring.  It cost me a few hundred dollars to participate plus I had to bring 110 items to give away.  While it was a fun thing to do and people I gifted to loved the product I did not see an increase in sales or encounter any new business opportunities (besides more gifting suite invites).

2.  Facebook Giveaways:  This has been my number one source of new fans this year and while I don’t get many sales during the giveaways these new fans stay with me and become future shoppers.

3.  Blog Reviews:  Done right this is a great avenue to bring a new audience of buyers.

4.  Photo contests:  I love fan photos!  Who doesn’t?  Ask fans to share theirs so you can share them on your wall and then have a giveaway for those that send in pics.  When others see our clothes on everyday kids something kicks in for them to uy it too.  Try it!  I always get more sales and more fans when I do this.

5.  Dress a Celeb:  I had the amazing opportunity to dress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons from Modern Family for the red carpet last year.  It created a buzz that got me and my fans excited and people talking about my brand.

6.  Email Lists:  Staying in regular contact with your previous customers and those future customers who have signed up for email alerts is so important.  Especially since fb readers are not seeing all your posts you want to be sure 100% of your target customers get info on your sales, promotions and new product releases.

7.  Pretty Pretty Pictures:  People are visual creatures.  They better your product pictures are the more you will sell.  I promise!!!!

8.  Collaborate!:  Finding others willing to promote their  product along side yours will help your business grow.  Know someone that makes dresses and you make hair clips?  Reach out to run a sale or cross promotion together on made to match pieces!

I will go more in depth in all these areas in other posts but today I want you to take this away:

1.  Get involved in fb giveaways.

2.  Find some bloggers or other brands willing to promote your product to build your audience.

3. Clean up your shop!  Make sure you have pretty pictures and a nice presentation of your product-this includes a nice description.

4.  Remember that growth is gradual and viral.  Ask yourself everyday how can I get people talking about my brand?

Onward and Upward!  ~Katie

Katie Nguyen is the designer and owner of kangacoo designs.  A children’s clothing line started on Etsy and now sold in almost 100 stores in the US and Internationally.





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    How can I get on your blog ? here is my page.

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