Labor Day and The Small Business Owner

Remember when we dreaded going to work.  Took it for granted?

Now we dread NOT having work.  We fear our spouse losing their job.  We struggle to get our bills paid.  We angst because we are unable to provide for our children in the ways we wish we could.  We watch our friends and neighbors downsize and struggle as they lose their homes and sell what they can to buy their next meals.  We help our loved ones the best we can with the decreased resources we have.

It is times like this that we learn to appreciate the basic need and right to work.  That is why this Labor day I am a bit sentimental.  Every day through the stress of feeling “it may not be enough” or “will we make ends meet this month” I still thank my lucky stars that I work.  I feel blessed to have started a business in a down economy that is actually growing.  A business that is supporting our family, now that my husband’s unemployment has run out.   I am thankful that my husband has joined the business to help it grow.  I am thankful for the friends that rally around me to promote my line.

I know that there are many women and men out there with my same story.  There are many families that have started a business and work day and night to provide for their families.  I salute you and encourage you to keep going.  I encourage you to push on when it’s rough and to remember that it is your small business that will feed this economy to help it grow.  Grow to a place that will one day make America great again!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


I made a graphic for Labor Day.  Please feel free to share it. and copy it.  I have pinned it and would love for you to pin it too!


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  1. Excellent pic and article! Appreciate your work and support for small business!

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