Really? Did you just say that?

This week I have had a few people close to me approach me to say, “I have a great idea for your business”, even one that said they had an idea the would “change the face” of kangacoo!

I have to admit I am steaming!  Despite the probably good intentions behind these comments I am offended.  These very people know that I have poured the last 4 years of my life into this business.  I have sacrificed time with my family, endured strains it put on my marriage and bank account, suffered endless growing pains and lost many nights sleep.  I have cancelled vacations, asked for help to buy Christmas gifts for my daughter, and worked harder than I have ever worked.  I have sacrificed a lot to get this business to where it is and it has a long way to go but to have someone swagger in and try to change what I have worked so hard to accomplish…fart on you!

OK I feel better now.  There is a reason a handful of people came to me in a small window of time.  Its because I have a lesson to learn.   The lesson is this:  I write an advice blog and with that comes the responsibility to educate but not offend.  So here is my vow to you, my readers.

I, Katie-The Fashion Business Mentor, vow to educate based on my experience.  I will have an open door policy to answer questions ( and inform based on my experience and the research I do through the network of people I know.  I will offer lots of advice on marketing and how to get your name out.  I will not offer advice on your product line or tell you how to change it.  I will respect the time and energy you have put into making your business into what it is now and support you in growing it to where you want to be.

Yours in success,


(By the way I am not closed off to all ideas I just expect one to understand my business before offering them up).


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