Ask the Fashion Business Mentor: Giveaway Fans-worth it?

I received a great question today from a vendor regarding the giveaway I am currently hosting.  (Please stop by to check  out the giveaway and enter, we have close to 40 vendors giving away items to one lucky winner!)

The concern was that people just quickly liked people’s pages and that they didn’t really have to check you out.  I had this same concern before, remember Jen? 😉  I wanted to give you all some insight into this and some advice on maximizing your exposure during your participation in a giveaway.

Question:  It looks like rafflecopter just has people like a Facebook page quickly and they don’t actually have to come check my fb page or shop out.

Here was my answer:

I do agree that people get a somewhat easy entry but there is not much we can do.  Facebook made it against policy to have anyone do anything but like a page for a giveaway.  Ideally I would have people comment on Facebook pages to enter but I can’t.   The good news is we have new fans now and we can take advantage of the new audience we have gained.  Here are tips of things that work for me.

1.  Be sure you are posting lots of pics on Facebook during this time and include links of where to buy them.  Post at different times of the day to reach different people. (Don’t go too crazy you don’t want to annoy)

2.  Tag other pages that are also participating in our giveaway and ask your friends to go say hi.  If we all do this we will all get more action on our pages!  Personal shout outs to La Couture Amore and Kid-N-Around who have had their fans do this for me.  🙂

3.  Have a flash sale or FB offer.  Not familiar with Facebook offers?  Jennifer from Forty Toes Photography (giveaway participant) is a marketing guru and holds Facebook “offers” on her page for boutiques.  Reach out to her!

4.  Post a survey.  Engage your readers to interact with your page.  For example.  “Look at my hair clip album which of these 3 styles is your favorite”  Be sure your album is set up with details of how to buy and you just may get some sales from this.

Hope this is helpful.  Thanks again for participating!
Katie Nguyen Owner/Designer kangacoo designs shop blog fb


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