That other business is driving me mad!

When I was a little girl my parents told me I see the world through rose colored glasses.  I resented them for this.  Not because I thought it was bad but because they said it with contempt as if it was a set back to have a rosy outlook on life.  Today at 34 I still prescribe to the same colored glasses.  I still believe the world is smaller than we think and that all people have a common thread and that we actually can get along.  It is that common thread that brought me to write this blog.

I believe in the power of connecting with others.  I believe in the healing power of relating to others and realizing there are many others on a  path such as your facing the same struggles.  I believe by being vulnerable and sharing these struggles we become closer and learn to “get along”.  Now isn’t that rosy?

What does that have to do with fashion you ask?  Well it has more to do with business.  A successful business knows how to connect with it’s customers, suppliers and peers.  If you want to be successful you have to be willing to reach out to others.  You have to be honest and forthcoming.  You have to strive to see the positive in others.

And I do.  More times than not the business owners I talk to are genuine and nice.  They don’t deliberately copy each other, they don’t conspire to bring down another business, they don’t badmouth others to build themselves up.  Most business are just trying to survive and as a result they make choices to put their business first.  Now I said my glasses are rose colored not that I am blind.  There are some bad apples out there but I choose not to focus on them.  You should not focus on them either.  Why?  Because you are then taking away from your true focus.  Being a successful business with a good reputation.

So in case today you are feeling down about what another business is or isn’t doing that may be effecting your business I want to give you 5 things to focus on to benefit your business instead.

1.  Share some of your favorite product photos with your fan/customer base.  Whenever I do this it generates sales.

2. Post a survey to help you come up with your next product.  For example, “I am going to make these top selling dresses in another color.  What color would you like to see?”

3.  Run a sale.  Inventory is never a good thing.  Get rid of it by running a sale and free up space to create new product.

4.  Email your wholesale or retail clients to thank them for their business and offer them an exclusive coupon code to use this month.

5.  Reach out to a fellow business owner and do a cross promotion giveaway or photo collaboration.

Now aren’t those better things to focus on than worrying about that other business giving you the blues?


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