5 Strategies for Building an Awesome Collection

The last weeks have been a blur of blur of panicked moments, extreme highs and lots of work.  But here I am peeking my head out of my hole to give you the info about building a collection that I promised on Facebook.  I do that to myself on purpose.  If I tell you I am going to write about it I have no choice but to sit down and do it!  I am a sucker for accountability.

So those of you following my journey know I lost both my LA and Chicago sales reps last month and took on a new rep that has showrooms in LA and Dallas (and Atlanta soon!).  It was devastating news with a fabulous outcome.  In 3 weeks my new rep has written more orders than my old ones did in 6 months.  AMAZING!!!  It was truly meant to be.

Not only is my new rep rocking the sales but she has given me some great insight on how to better build my collection.  I have combined her tips with things I have learned along the way.  This info works for online retail sales and for selling to stores.  Here’s my list of 5 strategies for building an awesome collection:

1.  Don’t confuse color options with collection.  If you make 3 dresses and offer them all in 3 colors.  This is not a collection.  This is 3 dresses.  You need to offer other pieces like tops, bottoms, accessories….

2.  Design for siblings.  You want your shopper to buy more than one item.  You can do this by meeting more of their needs.  Do you offer a cute dress?  Why not do a baby version of it with bloomers and a more sophisticated version for an older girl?  Mom’s love outfits that match but are also age appropriate.  Plus you also get more use out of your fabric.

3.  Define how to wear it.  I love separates and making my own outfits.  But I have learned most people are not this way.  You have to show them which tops go with which skirts and which leggings go with which dress.  Make shopping easy on them and they will buy more.

4.  Just enough options.  Buyers want to feel they are getting something special so try to offer styles in a couple colors and perhaps different embellishment options.  Give options that are not too difficult for you to produce but allow your customer to customize a bit.

5.  Offer different price points.  You should try to offer items that are  in a range.  Instead of all your pieces being $50 dresses try offering some $25 separates and some $50 dresses and some $75 pieces.  Add in some $10 accessories and you have a collection that can be shopped by a broader audience.



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