Dropped by my Showroom Reps

I am going to share something with you that makes me feel a bit vulnerable.  Sharing our struggles is hard because we don’t want to be kicked while we are down but I think it is important to show you I am not a “know it all blogger” but just a real person with sincere intentions to share my journey in the fashion industry to help others succeed.

Last week I got 2 calls on Friday morning.  One was from my showroom rep in Chicago and one from my showroom rep in LA.

My Chicago call went like this:  Hi Katie I just wanted to let you know what is going on with our showroom.  We lost our lease and we have to moved to a new location.  You know we started in maternity and since our new showroom is smaller we have to let some lines go.  We are no longer going to represent kids lines.  I have shipped back your samples.

My LA call went like this: Hi Katie I just wanted to let you know what is going on with our showroom. (Do they teach them this line in showroom rep school?)  I got a great opportunity to rep a large boys line and we need to make room for their collection.  We are letting some of our smaller lines go and I can no longer rep you.

I took a deep breath.  I saw this as two windows closing so a door could open.  There were some performance issues and issues of stores not taking orders with my reps that just dropped my line.  I was getting frustrated and feeling something needed to change but I wasn’t taking action.  I guess this was lives way of giving me a push.  My line didn’t hang well with the other lines my LA showroom, I needed a more girly showroom.  My LA rep knew this and very graciously offered to help me find another rep on the floor.

The same day of these two rough calls I connected with my new showroom through an introduction of my old one.  It made me feel better about things and I am thrilled with my new reps (daughter and mom duo).  They have showrooms in LA and Dallas and will rep my line in both territories.  Their room is girly and frilly and oh so me!  Yesterday we had a great meeting about my line and how to revamp it to have more appeal to the buyers.  I am thrilled with my new showroom reps and ready for the next chapter in my wholesale journey.

Todays motivational quote by Katie:  Work hard and have faith that things will work out and they will.


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