Social Media That Works For Me

So if you follow my Facebook page you saw the teaser that I would post about social media and what works for me and what doesn’t. So here is my inside scoop…

I am sure you have asked yourself many of these questions.  In a sea of social media to get lost in where do I start?  With the daily emails and Facebook requests to participate in a giveaway or sponsorship which do I choose?  Do paid advertisements work?  What if I have no money how do I get my name out?  Well here are my dos and don’ts.


DO:  Do them.  But only participate in giveaways hosted by pages with a lot of fans and with requirements to like all pages participating in the giveaway.  Promote other pages that are participating with tag links on your page.  The idea is to cross promote your fan bases.

DON’T:  Giveaway a one of a kind item.  Consider this an advertisement.  Give away an item others can come and buy.



DO:  Support causes that are important to you within the circle of people you know.

DON’T:  Have a bleeding heart for every cause out there.  Many of them are scams.



DO: Ask what the readership/reach of the publication is before purchasing.  Understand that advertisements are more about branding than bringing in actual sales.  You may not make your money back.

DON’T:  Pay more than you can afford.  If you are a small business and the ad is over $50 I say wait.  There are many free ways to grow your audience until you can afford print ads in recognizable magazines.



DO:  Align yourself with people you know and trust that create a quality product.  Cross promote in this circle of friends.  Reach out to fan other pages you honestly like and build relationships to cross promote.  Join pages that are in the business of building fan bases.  I like Forty Toes Photography and The Craft Show.

DON’T:  Go to pages and leave a link to your page to fish for fans.  It’s annoying.


PROMOTING OTHERS ON FACEBOOK (which promotes yourself)

DO:  Give credit where credit is due.  If another business helped you out publicly thank them with a tag to their page.  If another business does or creates something fabulous promote them on your page.  They will return the favor down the line (hopefully).

DON’T:  Promote anyone and everyone who will promote you.  If you promote every page out there without knowing the quality of their product or what they stand for your fan base will not be able to trust you or your judgement.  Do not put your stamp of approval on a brand you are not familiar with.


DO: Gather a group of 4-5 vendors that create complimentary products and do a photo shoot.  Promote each others products and encourage your fans to buy the ensemble and go like the other pages.

DON’T There are no don’ts.  Collabs have been a cornerstone of building my business and fan base.


DO:  Get on out there and virtually meet people!  Growing a small business is all about networking!

DON’T:  Forget there are real live in the flesh people to promote your product to.  Don’t spend all your time online.





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