What does Ron Jeremy have to do with Fashion?

Last weekend I was invited by a friend to attend a runway show in Beverly Hills. She has a women’s dress and swim line that is very new and she was thrilled to be invited to show it at an upscale event in a Beverly Hills mansion. I of course wad excited to attend and support her. The reality of our night was not what we anticipated to say the least.

We arrived at the Mansion at the top of the Hills and we greeted by a group of people at tables checking us in. We were ushered through the red rope and into the ground level of the house. It consisted of a large room set up with a bar and dj, a huge patio overlooking LA and a back room where the models we getting ready.

While the girls got ready I mingled with the photographer we brought who was told he actually can’t tale pictures because there were some high profile people coming who didn’t want to be photographed. We quickly noticed the crowd consisted of older men in expensive clothes (most of them dressed to young for their age). As the night went on lots more men showed up and lots of very young women dressed in very skimpy clothes.

The runway show was slated for 930 but didn’t happen until after eleven and consisted of the models doing a quick parade around the dance floor with no introductions or credits. Then the models were told to go back and change into bikinis that were provided for them and to walk the crowd. Um…what the heck was going on. My very appalled friend declined on behalf of her models and took them back to gather their things and leave. While I waited Ron Jeremy showed up.

So to answer the question: What does Ron Jeremy have to do with fashion? Absolutely nothing. So if he shows up to one of your runway shows its time to leave. Which is what we did.

OK so fun story but my blog is about teaching you what I can about this industry so let me give you my list of how to screen/what to ask before booking a fashion event or runway show.

1. What other designers are showing? (google them to be sure they are designers you want to show with.)
2. What will be used as the runway?
3. How many looks am I expected to show?
4. Who will be invited to view the event? No point in doing a show if you don’t get an audience of potential buyers.
5. How much will it cost me? (again without the right audience you may just be paying to walk your clothes down a runway for your personal satisfaction. Pretty pointless and very expensive.)


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