Branding: Preparing for a photoshoot

Part of branding is creating a cohesive look with how you display your product.  This is something I am really working on this year.  Prior to this I have worked with many photographers on trade.  I have gotten back some fabulous pictures but I have realized they reflect the style of the photographer, not kangacoo designs.   So my shop is a hodgepodge of beautiful pictures in very different styles.  I’m not complaining because I love them all, but I do know that it is important to create a cohesive look for my brand image.  This does not mean that I won’t work with several photographers moving forward as my budget does require trades.  I will however narrow down (or select new) photographers to ones whose style reflects my style.

So the question beckons:  What is my style?  How do I want my images and how do I express that to the photographers I work with?

I know the style I want my pictures is fresh and clear, bright and full of personality.  I like my images crisp rather than soft.  I don’t like a lot of props or pictures from far off showing the landscape (unless I am doing an editorial shoot).  The focus must be on the clothes.  I need a photographer that wants to do commercial work.  Now that I have decided this I will tell the photographer I am working with that this is my style and ask if it fits theirs.  Out of respect I would never ask a photographer to do this style if I see theirs is completely different.

The next step is to prepare a mood board for the photographer to give them an idea of what I am looking for.  A mood board is a collection of pictures, pictures taken off the web or pictures you may already have.  The most important thing is that they have elements that reflect the style you want for your photo shoot.  You are not looking for an exact replica here.  Just inspiration for you and your photographer.

I am preparing for a tween/teen photo shoot and I have prepared several boards.  One for hair, one for makeup, one for single poses and one for group poses.  Here is one for single poses.  I have taken all these pics from Pinterest to create a personal mood board.  I am sending this board to the photographer and to the models for inspiration.

You take a lot of time to develop your product.  Pictures are what sell your product.  Take the extra time to prepare for your photo shoots to get the best pictures possible to reflect your brand.


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