Red Carpet and Celebrity Gifting

Spolier alert:  Pics of my first red carpet appearance below!

I recently asked a fellow designer how he got his clothes on Gwen Stephani’s sons, and got it photographed in tabloids.  To which he answered.  “I didn’t expect it.  It was just a nice surprise.”  Not exactly the tell all answer I wanted but he was being honest.  Truth is he has a pretty fabulous boys line, Fore Axle and Hudson, that really suits Gwen and her 3 foot dapper boys.  And  Gwen is just one of many celebs decking their boys in Fore!!

Last year I had set out to have my clothes on a celebrity by the end of the year.  I had no idea how this would happen or how I would do it but I had it in my head it would happen.  I tried the 6 degrees of separation idea and it wasn’t really fruitful.  I then just focused on branding my line and started researching celebrity gifting.  Here is the thing with celebrity gifting.  You have no idea if the celebrity will use the product, like the product, or promote the product.   Even if they do like or use it you have no idea if it will be in public with the paparazzi near by.  I surrendered the goal of clothes on a celebrity and got lost in the holiday hustle.  (At the end of this post I will give you a few pointers on getting your clothes on celebs despite how dreary I just made it sound.)

On December 31, 2012 I got text from Julia, founder of OCFA, asking if I was interested in dressing a celeb for the BAFTA Globes Tea Party Red Carpet.  Um, YESSS!!!  So she put me in touch with  agent Carlyne who told me I would be dressing Aubrey Anderson Emmons who plays Lily on ABC’s Modern Family.  Yippee!!!!  One of the funniest sitcoms on TV.  How cool that this happened ont he very last day of the year!

So I worked up a couple of dress options and had my friend over at Filigree and Flowers make up a few M2M hair pieces and headed over to meet Aubrey and her mom Amy Anderson who is also an actress and comedian.  Amy and I decided to make it a lunch/playdate for us and the girls which I appreciated given Marlise doesn’t get many playdates anymore since I work so much.  At least now when she grows up I can say, “I know I didn’t let you play with other kids enough but when I did you got to play with celebrities.”  LOL  Amy and Aubrey were the perfect hostess’ and we enjoyed an afternoon of water paints, playing with Bob the dog and chinese food.

I was so excited to see my designs on the red carpet for the first time.  And the pic was published by Zimbio!

And as an added bonus Jessie Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) tweeted a picture of him and Aubrey inside the event!

Congrats to Modern Family for winning a Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Comedy.  You can catch the show on Wednesday nights on ABC.

Now for those pointers I mentioned.  If you want your clothes on a child celeb-or a grown one-here are some tips.

1.  Make sure your target is seen in the tabloids quite a bit.  Wouldn’t it be great to see your clothes on Suri Cruise?  Too bad her parents rarely allow pictures of her.  She may love your product but you won’t get much press from it which defeats the purpose.  If the celeb takes after the late Michael Jackson and only brings out their children with bags over their heads then you probably don’t want to have them as your target celeb.

2.  The more you gift the more chances you get.  This can get costly.  Set a budget and be smart on who you gift to.

3.  Be smart?  What I mean is do a little research, make sure your style suits the celeb you are targeting.  If a company makes boy rompers with bunnies on it they can gift away to Gwen Stephani who will giggle at the product and regift it to someone who likes little bunny rompers.  If you have a boutique dress with lots of volume and your target dresses in tees and jeans you are not going to transform them.  Find someone who likes your boutique style.

4.  How do I gift?  Start Googling.  Are there events you can send product to?  Is your target’s agent listed?  Does your target have a blog you can write in to?

5.  Once you do get to gift, you have to watch the tabloids and scour the internet.  Hunt down those pics and promote them!

6.  Finally, the more connections you make the more opportunities you will find.  When I got involved with OCFA I never imagined they would make a connection like this for me.  Take care of others you meet in your journey and they will take care of you.  I love when the golden rule works out.  🙂




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