What just happened?!?!?

The last months have been a blur for me.  The holiday retail rush almost killed me and my Christmas break wasn’t nearly long enough to rest me up for the busy days the new year has brought me.   I am not complaining, just whirling.   But all that has happened has given me a lot to blog about.  Now I just have to figure out where to start as there really is no beginning or end just lots of stuff.

I left for the holidays with no Fall 2012 Season in the works.  Risky move since Fall 2012 was due to my LA showroom on Jan 15th and in my Chicago showroom Next week.  That meant when I came back from vacation I would have to source fabric, make samples, do a photo shoot, make line sheets, and manage Spring production all in 2 weeks.   Plus I got a last-minute opp to dress my first celeb for the red carpet.  I am one of those people that thrives on over achieving and working under pressure so I really had no doubt I could do it.

I am going to put out a series of posts back to back detailing the most valuable lessons I have learned.  I will elaborate on how I did it the first time around and how I am doing it now that I have learned better how to navigate this industry.  Here is a short list:

1.  I have learned a lot about fabric sourcing since my last wholesale season.  Where to find it for $1.75 when I have been paying $10.  How to negotiate, how to select, how to do a burn test.  Making good fiber content choices for your line.

2.  Sample making.  Well I did it myself this time but I will tell you how to find someone too.

3.  Speaking of making my own samples, can’t wait to tell you about my Pegasus industrial sewing machine with ruffler!

4.  Photo shoots for line sheets-is it all equal?  What is expected on a line sheet?

5.  Showroom contracts-what to expect-what to pay? Is it worth it?

6.  PR-how do I go about it and how do companies get their clothes on celebs?

You can also expect some great interviews coming up soon on the blog.  Interviews with other small businesses who want to share their knowledge and experience with you!  Can you feel the love?  Good!


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