Clothing Labels: Worst and Best of

Seems lately that my business is experiencing a tags and label issue.  I have found some vendors I like but each has its set backs and then there comes to me estimating how many to buy and falling short.  With all the label options out there how do you choose?  And how do you get good quality at low volume?  Are making your own labels worth it?

I have tried several label vendors to try to find the best labels for me and I have narrowed it down to a few that work well for me.  I am going to share my label journey with you.

The first logo labels I ever ordered were from World Wide Label on Etsy.  They are professional grade woven labels and I love them.  You can send in your logo and choose your own size.  Woven labels hold up in the wash and don’t fade or fray like a printed label.  The price is right when you buy high volume $75 for 350, $85 for 600, $125 for 1200, and $200 for 2400.  There are less expensive options if you want just text and no artwork.  The only setback is that they are overseas so you have to wait 6-8 weeks for your labels.

You can also choose from flat sew on labels like mine below or folded labels. Shown in the photo below.

So that takes care of branding logo labels but what about care and content labels?

This is where I am a little stuck.  I’d like to order volume from the larger companies and probably will soon but I will have to make some changes.  Minimums are 1000 and with several types of care tags the cost can add up.  Also I used to print my sizes to my custom care labels but that would mean ordering 10’s of 1000’s of labels for me so I will have to print labels with no size tags and order sizes separately.

I have used a few vendors for custom printed labels with mixed results.  I had a couple of vendors I tried, one printed on a paper like material but it was not paper-the print quality was great but the tags were very stiff when sewn in.  After feedback from my customers that the labels were itchy I switched.  I then tried custom cotton printed labels.  They look nice and are soft but don’t wash well.  Definitely use some fray check around all edges.  I do however recommend these for businesses that use organic materials or 100% cotton in their clothing.  They have that organic look to them and are 100% cotton.

I have used Tags & Labels for custom cotton printed labels.  Her print quality is great and her service is impeccable.  Today I got a rush order right before thanksgiving for 80 leggings to go to Japan and I don’t have enough size labels so I am making my own.  I found out how over on the Crafting a Green World Blog in her article on 5 Ways to Make Your Own Labels.

I currently use a new vendor for my labels though, GutenTags.  She prints on satin which gives a nice crisp look and eliminate that scratchy tag issue.  I have noticed a little fray check is needed before washing.  But other than that these are my favorite labels by far and the owner is professional and fast!  GutenTAGs gets my Best Of rating!

Finally size labels. I live right by LA so you think I could find anything I need in the garment district.  Well size labels have been eluding me.  I can find some sizes but not all I need.  I have been to dark corner stores, big notions stores and even Michael Levine who is supposed to have everything.  So I have been buying my labels online.  I love Big Apple Fabrics for her speedy delivery and nice selection.  I also like a new vendor I found Forever Threads (she also sells tag guns), a selection of her labels are below-nice variety and black and white options.

I have had trouble finding infant sizes that list size ranges so I have taken to having my own printed.  Most custom printed labels will do size tags too.

I know my label journey is not over yet.  So I may post more later and if you are ready for some vendors that print in 1000 qtys or more I have some brochures I picked up at the last textile expo I went to and would be happy to email you the info.  Just email me at

Also, if you have some best of vendors you’d like to share feel free to leave their links below.  Please don’t share worst of-it’s just not nice.


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