Collaborate for Fashion’s Sake!

Designers, stylists, photographers, models, cocktails, and flash mobs.  Can you think of any better collaboration?  I know I can’t!  And I got to experience just this combo of fantasticness over the weekend.

Those that know me know that I am huge on collaborating.  It is a win win for everyone!  Everyone involved gets exposure (which brings more business), your product usually gets showcased in a more creative appealing way than you could have done on your own, and you are helping the community of small business owners to become more successful (a responsibility we all should own in this economy). I will have a future post on how to organize a successful collaboration and will be sharing a post of my “best of” collaborations but right now I want to share more about this fabulous collab I got to witness over the weekend.

Orange County Fashion Association organized the event as part of Orange County Fashion Week.  First they worked with Toni & Guy, Costa Mesa  to provide the venue and the hair and makeup stylists.  Wait until you see the amazing styling they did in the phots below.  Then they invited local couture designers interested in having their clothing styled and photographed, from there they scouted models who are looking to build their portfolios, and finally they invited local photographers who were looking to add couture to their portfolios.  No one got paid but everyone walked away with experience and photos for their portfolios (Part of the deal was for the photogs to provid their pictures to all the designers, stylists and models involved.)

Here are a couple pics I took behind the scenes followed by some amazing photographer shots.

 The following picture is by John Garduno.  The model is wearing a dress by Wonderland Corsets and hat and shrug by Mather Louth .

The following picture is by Michael Delos Reyes.  The model is wearing a dress by Wonderland Corsets and hat and shrug by Mather Louth .

The following picture is by  John Garduno and the clothes are by Coral Castillo

The following photo is by Billy Steedly the clothes are by Dual Society

The flollowing photo is by Billy Steedly the clotes and accessories are by Heather Petrey.

The following photo is by John Garduno the clothes are by Rebbeka Lien

It is truly amazing what people can do when they put their talents together!  I have to hand it to Julia Tudor, president of OCFA for the vision to organize this event.  On top of the collab she had an open cocktail hour for people to come and watch it all take place.  After the event we all headed over to an afterparty at Anqui by Crustacean for cocktails and mingling.  Not long after the models all showed up and had a table top flash mob runway show.  It was absolutely amazing and so much fun!

For more information and photos please visit OCFA facebook fan page  and event link Their website is


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