Who are your top customers?

(I just bought this card set from Pikake Press on Etsy and I love the message.  Perfect for this time of year and this post!)

It seems inevitable as the year draws to an end and the holiday season approaches we all get a little more sentimental and a lot busier.  If you are anything like me you are struggling to fit it all in.  Shopping, parties, work, traditions, holiday cards…the to do list can make the season feel like a chore.  My advice to you this season is to slow down.  Do less, enjoy more.  And the things you do do them well.  The most important thing you can do well this season is make sure the people in your life feel valued.  Nurture your relationships in life and they will grow.  This applies to friends and family but also to your customers.

Do you know who your top customers are?  Do you have a plan this season to show your customers they are valued?  If the answer
is no, don’t fret.  Today I am going to share with you a few ways I plan to show my customers I value them.  I know you will find some ideas you can also implement this season.

First, get to know your customer base.  Make a list.
I have an Etsy Shop and so I can go into my Sold Tab, then to All Orders (this way you don’t leave out customers with orders waiting to ship), this displays all the info I need to create a customer list.  Start oldest to newest in case the list takes a few days.  That way as new transactions
happen they won’t get missed.  Note that if you have 100 sales that doesn’t mean 100 items or 100 customers.  It is simply transactions.  So you need to create a list that will give you info you can analyze.  I set up an excel sheet with the following headings:

Name    Address    Email*  Purchase$1   Purchase$2    Purchase$3  total spent =sum(Purchase1:Purchase3)

*if you hover over the customer username their email address appears.

This way I can create a mail merge for sending postcards, create an email distribution list, see who my repeat customers are and see who
my top spenders are.  I will also be able to sort by geography to see where my customers live to create a marketing plan.  More on that another time.  This list will take time but it is a list you can take advantage of in many ways to grow your business.

Once you figure out whom your top clients are you can create a plan.  I am fortunate enough to have almost 500 transactions.  So I will be implementing a tiered holiday recognition plan.

  1. All customers will get an email with a coupon code.
  2. Top 100 customers will get mailed cards.
  3. And a selected number of top spenders will getsmall gifts.

Feel free to post questions below.  And if you have other ways you are recognizing your customers this year please share.

Next Post: Recognizing your wholesale clients this holiday season.




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